The past year has challenged parents and teachers to adapt to a completely different way of supporting children with continued learning. While schools invested in various resources, what has become apparent is the ongoing challenge in addressing the live, synchronous element of teaching and learning. Teaching in a fully online learning environment requires an understanding of how students operate in a virtual space and the associated skills to teach effectively through the screen.

More support is needed for how we help teachers deliver content in a more meaningful way to replicate, or increase, engagement levels and results.

For some, this way of learning isn’t new and has already helped thousands of students. There are cohorts of teachers who have already gained accredited qualifications approved nationally by OFQUAL for teaching online and are experienced in this form of content delivery. Irrespective of the platform or age of students, they can demonstrate an application of knowledge and skills for effective virtual teaching.

All teachers are capable of delivering effective online learning. Through collaborative online cohorts, individuals can benefit from skills-based and interactive training to develop a deeper understanding of how to teach effective online lessons and navigate blended learning environments.

When asked about Wey Education’s Teaching Teachers to Teach Online (TTTOL) programme, one such teacher, Joanne Middleburgh, said: “I found the TTTOL course extremely useful in reflecting on my digital literacy and filling any gaps in my knowledge in a way that was authentic. I enjoyed working with colleagues to discuss different aspects and learned a lot from the experience.”